You bought that dope tee and spreading His Word with it, but caring for it will be important in order to keep it for a long time. How you handle it is important. So we listed a few suggestions in how you can maintain you tee and keep it at a great quality to enjoy for use in the future.


  • Sort your clothing out. (Not just by color, but also by fabric type. Wash your Tees with others clothing items that are similar so that the items that are different don't pull, tear, and rub against your tees possibly causing damage.)
  • Turn Tees inside out.  (This minimizes the impact against the design and helps to protect the artwork from the washing machine.)
  • Machine Wash Cold. (Unless your tee is seriously dirty, there is no reason to use anything but cold water, but you can also use a detergent that can clean no matter what the temperature.)
  • Gentle is the Way. (Your tees don't need the "heavy duty" setting that your washing machine can give, as it can breakdown the design and the fabric. Only do it when necessary.)
  • Drying. (Use the lowest heat setting when possible. If you are in a rush, we understand wanting to use higher settings. If you have the time, consider air drying. High heat can damage the design and the overall quality of the fabric.)
  • Dealing with wrinkles. (Wrinkles are a problem, we get it. So its best to turn your tee inside out and iron it so you don't damage the design.) 
  • Hang vs. Fold. (I know you want to hang that tee up, but hanging it can pull the fabric down causing it to slowly stretch. Folding would be best. If you can do the fold all the time, try rotating by hanging and folding.)


  • Tee feels stiff: Around your design may have a slight stiffness to your tee. That is the pre-treatment we use to secure your design. Its a water base and will remove after the first wash. We recommend washing in cold water before using.